Home Food

Find or Sell Home Cooked Food

Eaters are now spoilt with choices with restaurant and home cooked food 24 hours a day

Eaters can buy unlimited choices of healthy uncooked prepared food ingredients for 1 person portion and cook for themselves when needed (store in refrigerator). In some cases, can be quicker than cooking an unhealthy instant noodles!

Eaters can hire a nearby chef to cook at their desired destination.

Eaters can find themed eating environment prepared by creative food supplier.

Eaters can Whatsapp Direct to nearby delivery driver to purchase whatever food needed. For example, eater can remotely buy Mac Donald, KFC and a few roadside satay by direct communicating with the nearby delivery driver. The eater can negotiate delivery charges directly with the delivery driver for maximum flexibility not available in any existing delivery and food ordering system in Malaysia.

Eaters can now order long distance food even when they are in remote town. Just contact the delivery driver nearby the desire food location and negotiate reasonable delivery charges.