We are a Mobile and Website Development company Established since 2008


Our Real estate agency solutions

Our clients are mostly Malaysia real estate agencies because we offer the following customized solutions

Our Mobile Applications

We have built many Mobile Applications for different industries. Below are some Apps we have built.

Landbar Entrepreneur Programme

Very often we build product with monthly excess resources so entrepreneur can become our partner to run them! If you think you are suitable enterpreneur for the following product please contact us!

Benefits of joining Landbar Entrepreneur Programme is you will have a unique product to market right away! You save a lot of product development time!

Our other services

01APP STORE optimivvzation

Improve App store organic traffic and Malaysia Localization service

02short video animation

Present your ideas and thougnt and explainer video


03facebook marketing

Reserch best targeting group for cost effective Facebook advertisement

04Website and app design

Design before coding is good pratice


latest from Blog

Why Build App in Malaysia?

Compare to countries like America, Australia, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia’s App market is still in infant stage. There are not much app in Malaysia’s App market in all industries!

Malaysia App Store Optimization (ASO)

Most digital marketing agencies in Malaysia shockingly has no experience in App Store Optimization (ASO). They generally focus on SEO, Facebook marketing, Adwords and maybe some youtube marketing.

About the Owner of Landbar Holding

The owner of Landbar is a registered valuer, real estate agent and property manager credited by the Board of Valuer Malaysia.