Listing Mine

What pain points is trying to solve?

Most real estate agents only work on the immediate requirement of a person but ignore or forget the same person’s other property inventories and needs.

One of the main reasons real estate agents ignore or forget the same person’s other listings or requirements is because there are very limited tools available to help manage these information. Listings and leads usually gets messy especially when there are groups of people all with different personal property portfolios and requirements. can relates wanted and property portfolios belong to the same person in an easy to understand report so real estate agent can have a clearer mind how to generate deals among these complex group of property portfolios and requirements.

What are main functions?

01 Wanted List 02 Owner List 03 Tenants’ expiring date List

01 For Sale 02 To Let 03 Potential Listings (Not for sale/rent at the moment)

Summarize a person wanted, tenancy expiring date and his property listings.