What pain points is trying to solve?

Rentsifu is an application for people to find short or long term stay online for best value deal worldwide. Its main function is to allow short term listers like hotels, house owners to list their property and to allow direct whatsapp from prospect for booking. It is an alternative to existing Online Travel Agents (OTA) that are charging commission of up to 30% on success basis making room price very expensive. Our business model is instead of charging commission from success basis, we charge a very small lister fee from listers. Meaning lister now only need to pay a small fee to the platform and earn full room fees from their prospects. This can be profitable if there are alot of listers from worldwide market.

We are looking for partner to execute the product. A lot of funding needed for this project especially the marketing part. If you are interested and with to find out more please fill up the form below.