Real Estate Website Customization

Individual real estate agent often requires a real estate website to promote their marketing property. The Landbar Customization Website is highly flexible allowing real estate agent to generate any amount of website as they wish. The created website will be stored according to your assigned company URL. For example, if you company website is, the created website will be stored as

Agent can create any website using their mobile phone or website within minutes and promote them immediately via social media like Facebook.

Assuming you have about 100 real estate agents in your company. Your company website is If 100 real estate agents in your company creates 1 individual website. Under will have 100 different sub-website as content. For example, If each individual agent boosts their newly created website at Facebook for exposure, your company website will benefit from a lot of traffic. This is a perfect mechanism to rank your company website in google. Free SEO!

A must have tool for any real estate agency if the company wants to grow in digital marketing sector


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