Commission Calculation Report System

The commission calculation reporting system allows agency firms to manage their agency operation.


Main features include

  • Subsale multi-tiered commission distributions
  • Project sales multi-tiered commission distributions
  • Financial reports to measure performance
  • Generate invoices, payables, payment voucher, receipt
  • Personal agent claims and performance monitoring
  • Fund / Deposit Tracking
  • Online claim form
  • Credit and debit note
  • Calendar
  • Announcement
  • Principal, Agent, Admin login
  • Flexible SST / GST allotment
  • We are able to customize your requirement if needed.

Why “BUY” instead of “RENT”?

Buy Rent Benefits to Own
Host in your own server Host in service provider server Total control
The software is yours The software is not yours even subscribed for 10 years You own the software
No 3rd party to leak your data Service provider may leak data Better security
No Monthly Maintenance Fee Monthly Subscription Fee Eliminate the "hold to ransom" feeling..
All additional modules, reporting system paid are yours All added modules paid may not be yours because the base is not yours Ownership of upgraded modules.
Option to use another programmer You are stuck with the software provider Option to use more capable people for enhancement
Expandability Very rigid in expansion Flexible expansion options including merging with other applications


Impractical Solution If you Rent If you Buy
Allow to Export Your data into CSV / Excel This is not practical because you will still need another customized system to manage all this data. Huge amount of money will be spent if this occurs. There will also be a very long software development period. The entire company operation will be affected.

Not very possible to export everything. For example, documents, photos, pdf, relation between data, etc. You will lose everything.
You do not need to export any data.
You have avoided all these very costly potential problems
You avoided risking losing important files, images, relation between data.
Surrender the system to you for a fee Usually this is a “1 size fits all” solution system for all real estate companies (clients).

You will still need to hire the right IT Consultant to manage it. Because the system is so huge, very likely the other IT consultant will charge you a big fee to figure out the entire system how it works before being able to apply any enhancement if needed.
Will be much easier for your next IT consultant to understand the system because everything in the source code is related to only your operation. There is no need for the IT consultant to figure out unnecessary coding which is meant for other companies.
You will save money.


Special Case (examples) Rent Buy
Advance Payment (payment 7-14 days from completion of SPA date) Only some can handle Can handle all these
Overpay - To fulfil promised agent commission, but developer gave less Most cannot handle Can handle all these
Some developer pay 1 lump sum as commission without specify which units Most cannot handle Can handle all these
Claim = 1% of list price + remaining charge on Nett Price Most cannot handle Can handle all these
Claim = 2% of nett price minus misc fee Only some can handle Can handle all these

Reporting system

Every real estate company has a different commission system. We summarize the 3 main systems.

  • Subsale system
  • Project sales system
  • Hybrid of both system (Subsale in a Project system)

Since each company’s subsale system and project sales system are very different. It is not very possible for any commission system to generate the needed reporting system for each company. All reporting systems have to be customized according to the company commission system adopted.

Rent Buy
You will have to pay for the customize report. But you do not own it because you do not own the core commission system. You will have to pay for the customize report. But you will own the changes.

Why RENT when you can Buy?

Rent Buy Mis-concept
Renting requires lesser capital outlay Buy requires much higher capital outlay Not true. Discuss with us and we can arrange a financial arrangement. You may be able to pay via monthly installment.
I do not need to maintain a server I will need to maintain a server Yes. But very likely you already have a server hosting your company website. Just park the commission system there. If needed, just upgrade the server spec. Infact, nowadays server fees are becoming cheaper every year. A very small price to pay to own your own system and data.
Better support. No support. Not true. You can get better in-depth support for your own system then renting. If you find our support is not up to your liking (unlikely), you can always find a 3rd party IT consultant for support because you own the software. If you rent, you may be stuck with unfriendly yet costly support (because they know you need them and it's too expensive for you to migrate away from them).

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